Monday, October 15, 2007

Vaccines questionable

I am the proud grandfather of a lovable seven year old, nonverbal, non-potty trained boy, who "regressed" and was diagnosed autistic just prior to three years of age. Our family believes our little guy's "regression" was caused by too many vaccines, given him too early in life.

Recently, major media reported some companies have "pulled" infant medications from their shelves, as a "precautionary" step, following an FDA bulletin that warned children being given "infant medications" for colds and coughs could be at risk. This follows a CDC report in January that 1,500 children under 2 were treated in emergency rooms in 2004 and 2005 because of reactions to infant cough and cold medications....three children died.

Since it takes only weeks before the FDA and CDC identifies, isolates and contains an outbreak of E Coli contaminated spinach, which caused a few victims diarrhea.....why did it require "1,500 children under the age of two...and...three deaths", over years, before the FDA and CDC issued their "cautionary" warning about the "risks" associated with these commonly used, over-the-counter products, given to infants?

If children under two are at higher risk for "over-the-counter" medications, what are their risks when given the HEP B vaccine, within hours of birth, ostensibly to protect them from a disease that is primarily spread through unprotected promiscuous sex or the sharing of illegal drug paraphernalia? Indeed, how is it possible for anyone....parents, doctors or know for certain that infant is not allergic to the ingredients of the HEP B vaccine...or...that infant's immune system is not already under attack? After all, those are the "guidelines" the FDA now recommends parents follow before giving their under two child "over-the-counter" medications.

Unfortunately, the CDC reports that 1 in every 6 American children suffer some type of early childhood disorder, such as, allergies, asthma, autism, juvenile type 1 diabetes, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, ADD, ADHD, etc. etc.

Can anyone please explain to me why the most heavily vaccinated generation in history, is so sick?


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