Thursday, October 25, 2007

DAN! doctor and BioMeds

I am looking for info on DAN docs and here or email me. I would like a local (close as possible) DAN doctor.

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AutismNewsBeat said...

It looks like the ARI removed its list of DAN practitioners. ARI was sued some time back about its use of the DAN! acronym. There's a scuba diving group that uses the same acronym, which was cool until DAN! got into HBOT. A few weeks ago, a judge told ARI it had to stop using the DAN! acronym, with or without the exclamation mark. The group has until its next conference to comply, since the DAN! brochures, signage, etc. have already been printed.

The DAN! disclaimer is still up on the ARI site:


The following are practitioners who have requested to be listed as providing DAN!-based interventions for helping autistic patients. Most are physicians, others are licensed health-care professionals in medically related fields.

We do not at present have any means of certifying the competence nor quality of practice of any practitioner. We hope to be able to do so in the future.

That disclaimer has been up for at least three years.

To become a DAN! doc, you don't have to be a doctor. You do have to attend an eight hour seminar, although just listening to the seminar recordings is an option. I'm not making that up.

Dr. Roy Kerry became a DAN! doc in the summer of 2006. In the summer of 2005, he killed a 5-yr-old autistic boy named Tariq Nadama. In the ensuing year he attended a DAN! conference, and now takes referrals. The state of Pennsylvania has filed criminal charges against him in the meantime.

There are approximately 250 DAN MDs and DOs. About 30 of them have been disciplined by their state medical boards, or roughly one in nine. This is all documented.

Glad somebody is looking into this. Thanks.

kim said...

Hi! I am a mother of a autistic son. We live in IL. But my son sees a DAN doctor in Florissant MO.
He is located on Florissant Ave. His name is Dr. Sultan. He is a very nice man and tested my son for candida and the test came back positive so we started a diet that is no sugar,yeast,or preservatives. We have seen a difference in my son. He is slowly but surely doing better. Dr. Sultan has really given me hope for my son. I would for sure tell other mothers in my situation about him. thank you
concerned mom in IL