Thursday, October 11, 2007

Story Idea-Autism Is Crying Out!

This person thinks we should cover autism awareness. This item was emailed to this blog---AR

Ashley, please do a segment on the "Autism Awareness" gap that exists between the average person on the street, the people that watch the news on KOMU TV8, the typical college student, our any other group of people or individuals, and the people or individuals that know or have been touched by someone with "Autism".

Some questions might be:
What do you know about "Autism"?
What would you like to know about "Autism?"
Are you or will you watch a TV News Series on "Autism"? Why? Or Why not?
Do you know what a spectrum disorder is?
Do you know how many individuals have "Autism"?
Who is affected more by "Autism" males or females?
How do you get "Autism"?
How do you cure "Autism"?
How long does "Autism" last"?
I think you get the idea. I think the results would "raise a lot of eyebrows".

I hope you can find some way included some "Autism 101 basics" on all your segments and can find a way reach and educate people and individuals that have not been touched by someone with "Autism". We need "Autism Awareness" to be in all our minds and in our hearts always. We need everyone to understand that we are all an important piece of the "Autism Puzzle" and we need to all work together in trying to find and assemble all the pieces of the "Autism Puzzle". We need everyone outside the "Autism Community" to become involved and be as passionate about solving the "Autism Puzzle" as we are. We need everyone inside the "Autism Community" to work together and to put all their pieces of the puzzle on the table. Then maybe we will have a chance to see what the finished "Autism Puzzle" looks like.

Your Special Friend, (living with "Autism" for over 32 years)

Scott and his dad Steve

P.S. Ashley thanks for being a "Friend" and "Don't Ever Give Up!"

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