Monday, October 29, 2007

Story Idea-yeast,diet, vax, allergies

This person wants to share their ideas for the series. This item was emailed to this blog.--AR

Hello! Thanks for covering such an important topic. Here is what I think needs to come to the forefront. I'm the mom of two kids with ASD so I think I'm qualified to weigh in.

For one, and have some fabulous information about autism that is rarely talked about.

Other than that: 1) Yeast- Candida Albicans. This is a "theory" that in my opinion is right on that affects all of our ASD children. It causes problems such as sensory issues, weak immune systems, fatigue, irritability, speech delay, digestive issues, rashes, eczema, poor appetite, sleep disturbances, sound sensitivity and much more. It is worth looking into and very valid

2) Gluten Free Casein Free diet- supposedly controversial but plays into the yeast situation. Very effective when used long enough...i.e. most parents who claim that this doesn't work have only tried it for a month at most. It takes up to 9 months for the body to rid itself of gluten and casein remnants.

3) Vaccines- I know that this is also supposedly controversial but it is fact that not only is thimerosal used in vaccinces, but just as bad as that is the fact that formaldehyde, arsenic, aluminum bicarbonate (a neurotoxin), tin, and antifreeze are used at preservatives. Would you feed this stuff to your infant in his or her bottle? Research from the website the side effects of formaldehyde and the other ingredients including thimerosal. Isn't it quite interesting that acute mercury poisoning and autism share the same exact side effects? Then look at the you think that brain damage and seizures is an acceptable side effect?

4) Allergies- vaccienes are also known to be the culprit of food allergies like wheat, milk, egg, gelatin and latex. This is because these ingredients are all present in vaccines and we introduce them to our infant children when they are less than 48 hours old to their very immature immune systems

5) Also talk about why it is that medical doctors seem to offer little or no support to those whose children have been diagnosed with autism. It's because they don't know much of anything about it to begin with . Most of a parents best education comes from other parents- not doctors.

I also wanted to point out: Isn't it interesting that parents are taught to look to our pediatricians/doctors for advice on autism from the moment they are diagnosed. The problem is that once a parent approaches the doctor, suddenly they know virtually nothing beyong "Hey, let's get your child onto a 2-6 months waiting list (if you're lucky) for speech therapy, Physical therapy and Occupational Therapy. Let's cross our fingers and hope for the best!" Although I agree that these therapies play a very important role in helping children with autism, I don't think it's enough.

Also, I am outraged that our insurance companies cover these "band-aid" treatments (as I have called them) but they do not bother to cover the core of the very effective treatments that parents are using to help their own children. I'm talking about proper supplements, vitamins, diets and anti yeast/fungal medications aka biomedical treatments. These are effective treatments....I am amazed at how few doctors actually recommend special diets for people with most any medical condition. I am also annoyed that insurance does not cover testing for vitamin deficiencies (another problem with our kids) and enzyme deficiencies. There should also be testing of our childrens blood work to determine how much of a problem yeast actually is for an individual child so that an appropriate treatment can be determined.Basically, I am upset because insurance companies and medical doctors are all so concerned about putting a "band-aid" over the effects that have already taken place but no one wants to get to the heart of the problem and look deeper inside of the child to fix what can be fixed. If we can do that, then it would be a lot easier for parents to deal with the rest of what is not able to be fixed and can rest easier knowing that they did everything they could do to help their child when all is said and done.

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Heraldblog said...

How do you know that bio medical treatments are effective?

Zurama said...

I know, because my son keeps improving thanks to biomedical intervention.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it quite interesting that acute mercury poisoning and autism share the same exact side effects?

Not true.

Zurama L. Johnston said...

Can you show us the proof that it's not true?

ANB said...

It's really quite easy. You compare a list of mercury poisoning symptoms, and a list of autism systems. They are not exactly alike. Any overlap is only superficial.

Mercury poisoning is degenerative and attacks the body at multiple points. Autism appears to be genetic, is not degenerative, and affects only the brain. I know you think autism causes GI problems, but there's not proof of that, just anecdotes.

You're the one who made the claim, not me. So the onus is on you to provide a source, then to defend your claim without resorting to conspiracy theories and unpublished papers from fringe websites.