Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dr. Engley-Mark

Our interview with Dr. Engley was my first interview for this series. I was in charge of taking photographs of the shoot, which was a great task to have because it forced me to examine Dr. Engley's reactions as he answered the questions; I was able to witness up close and through the camera lens which questions he was passionate about answering and which made him uncomfortable.
Dr. Engley is an intelligent man and an invaluable, moderate source for this series. It is nice that when we are compiling a series that will air in mid-Missouri to have a local doctor, an individual who spent a significant part of his career in Columbia, as one of the scientific sources. Personally, I appreciated Dr. Engley's explanation of the history of thimerosal, because it allowed me to set some jumbled knowledge into context. Each source that we interview for this series is another voice in this debate and another piece to the puzzle. I can only hope that when all of the pieces are put together, we have a more complete picture of autism than the one we initially held.

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