Sunday, October 28, 2007

PDD spectrum

This mom wants to share her son's possible autism. This item was emailed to this blog--AR

Ashley...please keep us posted!--AR

Hello everyone,
My name is Ashley and I live in Indiana. I have a 3-year-old son who is currently being tested for Autism. He goes to the doctor Tuesday, October 30th so we can get a referral to a child psychologist. He shows a lot of the signs for it, but we have to have a medical diagnosis to get the treatment for it. As his mother, I am sure that something is wrong and I am fairly certain that it is something on that spectrum of disorders. He does not talk the way he should, he has lost words, he shakes when he is excited, he acts like he can't hear us (and I know he can, his hearing has been extensively tested). He doesn't acknowledge anyone most of the time. He has just started to give hugs freely within the last six months. He loves to repetitively clap his hands. But he is an amazing child and he is soooooooo adventurous.

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