Saturday, October 13, 2007

Blog Rule and Your Emails

Hey bloggers,
I want to keep you updated. I am receiving about 200-300 emails a day from parents to politicians. I want to let you know I appreciate and read every single email. However, I am going to start passing your contact info to research assistants because as you know...There is just not enough hours in the day.
The assistants will then pass your info to me. Please don't take offense to this. They are working so hard to do this series right.

Also, a new blog rule. I am not going to post articles and studies. I love it when people email me these...but I rather have this blog for, I don't mind if you post a link to a study and then give your take on it...

but when people just send me the studies to post, I don't find that to be in the spirit of blogging...So any studies you want to share... please email them to

I'd be happy to look at it. Plus, it will most likely be posted on our website once the series starts to air.

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