Monday, October 22, 2007

Jeremy- Meredith

Every story that I have seen so far on autism seems to only focus on children with autism and what life is like for the child and their family; while this is a very important aspect of autism, children are not the only ones affected, children don't just grow out of their autism and it seems that adults with autism are often overlooked by the media. This is the reason that I was so excited to find out that we had an adult with autism that wanted to be a part of our series.

During the interview Jeremy really did amaze me, he did not have much trouble speaking...he was not disconnected like I thought that he may have been. He opened my eyes and made me realize that there were very few differences between us. He was extremely interested in all of the camera equipment and wanted to know everything that Mark and I were doing during the interview with his mother. A conversation that Jeremy had with his mom about cable companies after the interview surprised me- he knew so much about the technology and could recall the exact pricing for all the different kind of packages off the top of his head- I was impressed, and I still would have been impressed even if Jeremy did not have autism.

I loved being able to go and meet Jeremy, I think that his story is an important one to be told as a part of our series because even though his autism will never go away, he is working hard and appears to be very much like many of the other guys my age that I am around everyday.

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