Saturday, October 27, 2007

Chiropractors and Chemists

One area you might want to involve in your research would be speaking to chiropractors or chemists.Being a mom of an autistic boy I am always delighted to speak to a chiropractor and listen to their views on autism.Maybe you already spoke to a chemist.I have not spoken to one personally, but would love to hear their views on the effects of chemicals and toxins.You will normally find that chiropractors are against vaccinations and know the body inside out.I saw in Canada they are reclassifiying natural herbs as drugs.We dont want this to happen.That means the pharmecuticle companies will up the expense and lower the quality.Just thought it might add interest to your research.


Anonymous said...

A toxicologist would be a better source than a chemist for that sort of info. Chiropractors are not MDs.

Julishere said...

Yeah, but does it have to be a MD.Chiropractors are very intelligent.Exploring other sources is getting other peoples views on things.I was suggesting things they probably didnt consider.You would be suprised that each vertebret affects each different organ.Some patients can overcome illnesses that subloxation plays a part in.Just getting my neck adjusted helps my sleeping problems and many patients with autism do better from getting adjusted.

Anonymous said...

Then why not interview a crystal healer, or a psychic? After all, it's a different point of view.

It doesn't matter that some chiropractors are "very intelligent". What's relevant is area of expertise and focus. And above all, the scientific evidence a person can bring to bear on the subject of autism.