Monday, October 15, 2007

accepting that i am different

In the world of doctors and therapists and such and who knows what else, it can be easy to loose that it is something that the person with autism/asperger's has to accept that they do have it.
for years i denyed it, saying "it isn't me." That was only because i didn't want to accept that i lack in many areas; relationships, emotions, interpretations, sensories, communicating..ect. It came from the inclination that being "different" is not good. Being judged and labled "crazy" or "nerdy" is something one dosen't want to be, well i certainly didn't. But it is something that i have just had to accept.
Yes, i am different
Yes, i need help in certain places
Yes, i know i will fail
Yes, it is okay to be myself
Yes, it will be difficult
Yes, there are things i need to learn
and finally
No, it is not a bad thing being me
No, i cannot stop being myself

Yes, i do have Asperger's Syndrome

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Maddy said...

I think that public opinion is slowly changing in our favour and acceptance will soon be the new norm.
Best wishes