Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Autism Video

A person begging to be a person.This is just what I am after.The humen behind the disability.As one great person once said"I have a dream".I will repeat now 'I too have a dream'.My dream is to shine a shining light on the Humens beyond the disabilities,showing secities how wrong we have been about them and how much they have to offer as well how much they turly need our support.Not the disability.The Human Beyond The Disability.Whay if this were your child,sister, friend What would you do?

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Anonymous said...

My name is Tammy Renne',my grandson(who I call the Gingerbread Man because he runs as fast as he can and there is no catching him) has autism. Inside this sweet little boy is a shinning star that is so bright it's blinding, but only to those who are willing to look. My Ginger Breadman is a loving, entergetic 3 year old. He has everything to offer this world, when it only has limited things to offer him.My hope is that 1st they will find the cause of autism and cure it NOW. My other hope is that people who don't understand about autism will take time and educate theiselves on it.Autism is growing at a rapid rate and our children of autism have so much love and laughter and happiness in side of them. Lets all learn to unlock their little minds and let their little heart shine. Always remember in each little child there is a wonderful little spirit that wants to shine for you, please learn how to help these little one shine, they deserve so much. My Grandson is the light of my life and the joy in my heart.Someone said to me one day " I'm so sorry about your gr.son" my reply was,"don't be sorry,because he's perfect to me".