Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I never thought that just offering a little bit of help around the KOMU station would lead to anything like this. The Kentucky team got back from Lexington last night, and it was such a great experience overall.

Back in August I started to help out Ashley Reynolds with a story that she was planning to do on autism after she received a lot of feedback from a story that aired over the summer. I started my research with basic information about the vaccines that children receive from infancy to the start of school along with the documented amounts of thimerosal in those vaccines. Later on in my research, I looked over all of Dr. Boyd Haley's research along with many other documents that he sent to me to back up his argument. I found a lot of his research about mercury toxicity interesting and that is why it was so exciting to be able to go to Kentucky to do a formal interview with him.

Being able to meet with Dr. Haley was an amazing experience considering how well known he is for his research relating to mercury toxicity and autism. I thought that during the interview Dr. Haley had quite a bit to say and he was very passionate about the issue and he provided evidence to back up his claims. Off camera I had the chance to ask Dr. Haley what he would do if he were in the situation of having to vaccinate an infant family member today, his answer was a little bit of what I expected since he stated he was not anti-vaccines, he said he would vaccinate the child after their first birthday and he would use research to decide which vaccines the child would receive.

I am excited to see how this story turns out after our other interviews with three other doctors with differing viewpoints and families.

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