Friday, October 5, 2007

autism supplements

For those interested in what has helped our son to recovery please feel free to read our story.
Because of our determination and research and dedication to our son, he is on his way to recovery.

August 2006
Let me tell you how Monavie has touched my life. I am the father of 8 year old triplets B/G/G, one of whom has autism. My son was diagnosed with autism 6 years ago and I thought his life was over. We consulted with doctor after doctor, and even traveled around the state to try and find help for our son. After trying everything the doctors recommended, we did not see any change in our son's condition. We sought out the best therapist and tried to enroll him in a special program in our public school district. After numerous meeting with the school and therapists, we decided to pull him out of public school and home school him. This was a huge responsibility on my wife and was rewarding to see his academic achievement. But, the one thing he was lacking in was social interaction and awareness of others. Being home schooled put a huge deficit in an area he was already lacking in. So we decided to move to another county and try a new special education program to try and recapture the socialization deficiency our son had. During the first year back in public school, there was regression in the skills our son had already mastered. We opted to request for a one on one personal aide to help our son focus on academics and engage in more social settings with regular education students. This was very challenging due to his lack of communication skills. In the summer of 2006 my family was introduced to Monavie. With huge skepticism because of all that we have been through, I decided to try a bottle of Active Monavie without telling anyone. I started feeling great, had more mental focus, and was not nearly as tired as I was before. I decided to give my wife a bottle of Active and have her try it to see if it would help her bad hip and back. She had been in 2 car accidents over the last 4 years resulting in a broken hip and bad SI joints in her back causing large amounts of inflammation. She noticed a difference after 1 week. She started decreasing her medications and eventually stopped taking them all. After these huge successes, we started doing private research on Monavie. We found that it was helping all kinds of conditions and parents were having huge success treating ADHD. (For those who don't know ADHD is on the Autism spectrum) We decided to try our son on a bottle of Original Monavie to see what results we would see. We saw some improvements with speech and mental focus but not a huge amount. My wife decided to research Monavie Active to see what the different ingredients were and why our son did not see huge results on the Original. She found out that the Active contained essential fatty acids and glyconutrients. These ingredients were deficiencies in children with autism. Because of the autoimmune disorders most autistic children have, these were key nutrients that their bodies needed. Once we started our son on the Active he did a 360 degree turn around. He is now speaking full sentences and has much better mental clarity. We have received reports back from Speech and OT therapist that have asked what are we doing that has created an explosion of growth and communication in our child. Our son is now being mainstreamed into regular education for Language Arts and Reading, five days a week. This is something we never thought he would be able to accomplish. By the end of the second nine weeks they want to mainstream for Math too!

Update 2/16/07 Our son is doing so awesome. Attended yet another IEP meeting to find out-starting next school year(Aug 07) our son will be completely released from the autism program at school and placed in a VE classroom. He will continue to attend an regular education class for Reading, Language Arts, Lunch and specials. He is on grade level in all academics, and has even scored one of the highest on his Dibbles test in regular ed reading. We have been speaking with several different families lately about the success of Monavie and their children. Every child is different when it comes to dosage, so depending on your child's metabolism, he or she may need more or less. Making sure Monavie is taken with a meal or snacks seems to work much better as well.

Update August 2007
Our son is now in 3rd grade regular ed with VE inclusion. He is doing a fantastic job! He is so social and aware of everything going on in his world now. He is a HUGE part of all our family interactions now, and is truly treating his sisters like sibling.
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Why would your son's life be over just because he was diagnosed with autism?