Sunday, October 7, 2007

Parent view

This posting was submitted from a parent who wants to share their view . This item was emailed to this blog--AR

As a parent, I have fought hard and long to help my child. I have
not found much help or solace in mainstream medicine. I partly blame
them for putting me in this situation in the first place. Health
insurance and mainstream doctors seem to be in the dark about
biomedical treatment.

Biomedical actually works, and recovers kids.
I had a 3 year old with PDD. Through Biomedical treatments he is now
a healthy normal 5 year old. I find it frusturating that I had to do
it all on my own. I was not able to find help in the medical
community. But thanks to wonderful people all over the country,
sharing information on biomedical treatment...I learned what would
help my son.

Of the many things I see media side stepping with autism, is
vaccination. While I do understand it's politically. We are supposed
to have free speech. It needs to be brough out and every parent in
this country needs to know that vaccinating their child brings a
risk of autism. Until it is proven otherwise, which it won't be,
because they can't prove it. We have a right to know what is being
put into our child's bodies. And the potential for damage.
Vaccines contain mercury, aluminum, formeldahyde...these are

We have a right to know. Parents also have a right to know, that
their child who has already suffered damage, can be helped.
Biomedical includes providing vitamins and minerals, dietary
modification, heavy metal chelation, and anti-viral/fungal
treatments. It needs to be said that Autism, is a systemic illness,
not a brain disease. It is not something that some poor kid
inherited and nothing can be done for him. Not at all. In fact, if
parents are educated about biomedical when first diagnosed, recovery
can happen quickly. I also feel that when a parent expressed
developement concerns to a doctor in thier toddler, it not be
dismissed. All of us knew from the time our kids were 18 months,
that something was wrong. We were dismissed..told they would outgrow
it. Told that some kids develop slower. It was all a lie to passify
us, until finally the truth was evident.
Parents need to know the signs and doctors need to take it seriously.

We also need to stop trusting strangers and doctors to know what is
best for our kids.
Andrew Hall Cutler, a wonderful chemist recovered his girlfriends
autistic child with his treatment protocol. I used his protocol,
which is simple, straight forward, and scientifically solid. It
recovered my son. Something no one else thought could be done.
Why don't we hear about it? Because his treatment is not a money
making prescription.

As parents, we are tired of the lies. The cover up, the fake studies
saying that vaccines have nothing to do with it. I saw it with my
own eyes. I saw my child get this way...from his vaccines. And I
hear this same thing from tons of other parents across this country.
I can't beleive this country is so corrupt, that it continues, and
no one is stepping up to stop it. Our only hope it to educate other
parents, so they can save their children.

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Brandy said...

That is so true. Everything you said. My child hadn't spoken or made eye contact with us. I brought this up with his doctor at his 18 month visit and she said it was normal, he just needed time. Now at 4 they are diagnosing him with autism! I asked his doc about how foods can effect children and she said not to try that as it won't help. Everything you said is so true! It's discusting!