Monday, October 1, 2007

Story Idea-Awareness

This posting was submitted from a mother who wants more awareness coverage. This item was emailed to this on this blog--AR

I just wanted to mention that I took my son to see a specialist today. The nurse and the doctor really made me feel like my son was inconveniencing them. He can't help it if he gets afraid and acts out. Getting hysterical over an alcohol swab is just something that can happen with Autism.

Really if health professionals don't understand or know much about Autism, what can we expect from the general public? I run into this kind of treatment at doctor's offices all the time, even the regular pediatrician's office. My son's disorder is noted at the top of his chart. They have to see it. So why do I get the "your child is so spoiled" look all the time from the nurses? Why isn't someone educating these health professionals about this disorder?

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Robyn Nichols

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