Monday, October 1, 2007

Story Idea-mercury poisoning vs autism

This posting was submitted from a mother who wants to share her story of vaccines history and possible effects. This item was emailed to this on this blog--AR

My name is Sarah and I have a two and a half year old son. He is not on the Autistic Spectrum. When he got his six month shots, he had a wierd reaction. He was fussy for two days so I started to give him bottles of water instead of milk as it was summer and I thought he might be hot. He then started rocking back and forth, banging the same toy for literally three hours, not responding to loud and scary noises, not making eye contact, and making less noise, which he was a babbler before this.
So I was scared and looked up stuff about autism because I had heard that those were symptoms. I got a lot of vaccine research (he had had the flu shot, dtap, and I think first dose mmr) when I looked it up. I decided not to have him vaccinated and as time went on (three weeks eye contact to six weeks responding to noise then to nine weeks babbling and playing normally before they were gone completely and he still does one of them every once in awhile especially the lining up of toys alot but nothing for hours) he stopped doing most of those things. He learned to talk at around one year and learned to walk on schedule.

He now plays and is mostly normal. I credit this to the stopping of the shots. I also think giving him mostly water might have helped flush his system a little last time he got them. I am not sure, I do know that I feel he might have gotten worse otherwise. I think that as a boy he was more susceptible and I have an autoimmune disorder, so who knows what he might be really susceptible to yet?? (The link between mercury poisoning, the immune system, and the brain).

I am very skeptical that the vaccines have no link to autism or what might be mercury poisoning mistaken for autism. I don't know if you are looking for cases not really related to an autistic child but I thought this might be good for your project. For the record my husband nor I nor any future children, boy or girl will be getting vaccinated. Besides the mercury there are huge amounts of chemicals and additives. The way they are made altogether is totally disgusting. Monkey kidney cells, chick embryos, the puss scraped from calf's bellies? This is the way chickenpox, measles, some of dtap, and others are made. Why are we injecting this junk into babies or anyone for that matter?

Sarah Thorpe

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Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope that nobody at KOMU is taking this seriously: "Puss (sic)scraped from calf's bellies? This is the way chickenpox, measles, some of dtap, and others are made."