Monday, October 1, 2007

Story Idea-Cost and govt

This posting was submitted from a mother who wants coverage on costs and the gov helping. This item was emailed to this on this blog--AR

Autistic kids are like finger prints, you'll never find two that are the same. The biggest problem in my life has been funding. It will cost me $50000/yr to send my son to school. The gov't for some stupid reason will not give individual families money to help themselve. They will fund general programs that make families need to fit their kids into a box group...This is not posible. I think instead of funding programs that may only be of half use or no use at all to parents they should allow parents to draft their own proposals with their pediatrician for fund that can uniquely help each persons kid.

Nobody plans to have a disabled child! and Autism does not disciminate. Anyone can have an autistic child. Children with autism get worse and worse as polititians debate over the money issue! I was just in my cities news paper this last Wednesday about this same issue. Mother's break down because they just cant find the money to help their kids. This combined with fund being appriated to rediculous topics, like wars, space, gov't contests, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, sends moms like me through the roof. Im not saying that these things arn't important but lets face it 20 years ago amunitions expendatures were rated at $1.5 million dollars a minute globally!!!! (stat taken from: The Globe and Mail, Toronto Canada Jan.22.1987 in a speech given by Ivan L Head) but yet politions can't let parents have money to help their children! I am tired of watching my son get worse and worse because I cant afford to send him to school! $50 000.00 a yr!

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