Saturday, October 6, 2007

Story Idea-Gov help

This posting was submitted from a mother who wants more help from the gov . This item was emailed to this blog--AR

We have identical twins six year olds with autism.
One has gotten much better and one has not. We have
had severe financial difficulties so we have not been
able to do any treatments or therapies outside of what
the school provides.

We feel abandoned by Missouri because we do not
qualify for any help meeting basic needs due to the
one income. My spouse does not work to take care of
my daughters. We have applied for food stamps,
free/reduced lunch, emergency assistance from NECAC
and DDRB and have come up empty. We are in danger of
becoming homeless and losing our transportation to
school, work if we don't get assistance.

In Illinois, families with autistic children are
getting government assistance of something like 12,000
dollars per year. Other states do so much more for
their disabled.

Please study the resources that are available to
Missourians as opposed to other states and get the
message out there that there are families in Missouri
falling through the cracks. We would do so much more
for our girls if we had the resources.

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