Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Story Idea-Lyme

This is what I would like covered. I have studied much; my children are currently symptom-free on supplements. But I just had CD-57 testing done, which showed low, an indication of lyme. I have put this together so far and would really like for you to talk about this. Apparently lyme disease is causing tons of illnesses today. It is contagious and you are born with it - from your mother. Anyhow, it destroys a part of your immune system, leaving you at the mercy to toxins and pathogens. Vaccines, also make it worse, because they tilt the immune system to VH2, leaving VH-1 vulnerable, which correlates with the low CD57 area of the immune system. Thus, the big gapping hole is caused by the lyme. Droves of autistic children are testing positive for lyme. Know that lyme has always been a problem, but the problem is worsened by the extra toxins, vaccines, and pathogens we have today. If there is a specific website on a specific topic, just ask, but here are two good places to start:

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