Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Story Idea-may not be vax

This posting was submitted from a mother who wants to share her story and express the concern vaccines may not be to blame. This item was emailed to this blog--AR

Hello Ashley,
I can very well understand the grief and anger of many of these parents as two of my four boys are autistc . Personally I am not yet convinced it is due to vaccinations.

My reasons for this are my eldest son recieved all of his shots and also my second followed in the same manner. Afterward came my little love Zachery. Zachery was a wonderful baby and if any Mom had him as their first they would surely wish for more .

Around the age of two I began noticing him doing odd things and he did not seem to be having the type of side by side play time with his brother which most children do ( I am lucky enough to be the aunt of 7 nieces and nephews ) so I was well aware that something was not right. and by the way that brother and Zachery are 13 months apart. He would line up toys, insisted on wearing two different shoes ( one being a slipper and one being a tennis shoe ) and to top it off they had to be wet!!!

When Zach was four I had my fourth child ...he is now five and had only recently recieved some vaccinations and yes he is also autistic. My husbands brother had just told us that his son is very obsessive, prefers to be by himself when at day care,and very often gets excited and begins flapping his arms and twirling his hands and also likes lining toys up opposed to playing with them and again he is not yet vaccinated. My husband also has a cousin that has an autistic child that is my oldest sons age ( 14).

I am pretty much convinced that this is something that runs through a family line. The oddest part is when they speak of their deceased grandfather their seems to be some autistic signs. I would not doubt that there may be a seed planted that the mercury may worsen what is already there but I'm still leaning towards it running through the family.

As far as the rise in autism could it be years of it not being diagnosed as autisim? In third grade I had a boy in my class that would not be social with any other classmate and consistenly shook his head in a yes motion while wiggling his fingers and staring at them. Sadly enough I'm sure that not so many decades back there were many kids institutionalized without parents and doctors really knowing exactly what was going on. Hopefully I helped you with another point of veiw and always listen...these parents all work extra hard beyond what one can imagine unless in our shoes.

Thank you,

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Anonymous said...

I remember classmates from when I was in school, in the 70s, who probably would have an autism label today. I still see kids who are obviously autistic who don't have a diagnosis yet. The DSM didn't even list autism until 1980, and the diagnosis has gone through two more revisions since then.

The more awareness is built over autism, the more parents will seek services, and the better doctors and other caregivers get at spotting and labeling the condition. And that's in fact what is happening - the incidence of autism rises, but there is no indication the prevalence has changed much at all.